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About Us

Our Organization

We are a non-profit organization fostering new and emerging civic tech communities and network, with a focus on a global south context. We drive collaborative civic tech projects and events; sharing knowledge, experience, and learnings based on shared context and common challenges.

Our Objectives

  1. To work on government transparency and citizen participation in the global south 

  2. To build networks and community across the global south, and leverage human-centered and community-driven design approaches to address shared challenges

  3. To provide support and mentorship for government innovation initiatives by these communities

Our Activities


Provide mentorship circle that leverages experts from partnering countries, guiding community members on government innovation projects and programs



  • Drive collaborative and participatory civic tech experiments across countries. Some of the kinds of projects include getting citizen input into government decision making, digital legislation, budget monitoring, and open data.

  • Create inclusive programs and solutions to tackle socio-cultural and structural barriers to civic participation for marginalized/minority groups



  • Build communities and networks of support, learning, and collaborations, with an initial focus on organizations and beneficiaries in Central/South Asia and MENA

  • Organize community-building and engagement events

  • Create spaces and platforms for learning and knowledge exchange

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